Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a selection of commonly asked questions for you to have a look through. If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

How much do you charge?

Obviously this is the one question we get asked most. The price is dependent on several variables: When, Where, Start & Finish Time, Function, Any Special Requirements Frequently people ring us and just ask how much it is for the disco. a class DISCO isn’t for sale… It is important to understand that while every event we do is similar to another, they are all very different. We have yet to do 2 events exactly the same. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the mobile entertainment industry isn’t like comparing eggs with eggs. There are many different “products” available in this market. If you really want to compare costs, at least find out what you are going to get for your money.

Will you turn up?

YES! As simple as that. We confirm all advance bookings in writing. We even supply a postage paid envelope to return the signed copy of the booking confirmation and the deposit. Our business is based upon reliability and professionalism, We haven’t missed a job ever and don’t intend to start. Good news travels Quick but Bad news travels even Faster…It’s not in our interest to let clients down.

What music do you play?

We operate a “Play to Please” music policy. While we may have our own personal music preference, we are there to entertain you and your guests. We carry a vast selection of music from the 50′s to present Chart & Club music on original CD. We also ask you to place a little trust in us. Let us test the water a bit with different styles of music and see what gets your crowd going. If there are any particular tracks you would like us to play at your event, let us know as early as possible to ensure that we have them with us on the night.

Are you any good?

The feedback from our clients would lead us to believe that we are very good. We haven’t had any complaints and we regularly get repeat business and work from people who have seen and heard us perform at another event.

What about your equipment?

The equipment we use is designed for professional fixed installations and has to meet the demands of long working hours. All our equipment comes from the worlds leading and most reliable sound and lighting manufacturers. The equipment is well maintained and tested regularly. A visual inspection of each piece of equipment is made everytime it’s packed away. The biggest problem we’ve had so far has been a lamp failure that actually went un-noticed until we were packing up.

How far will you travel?

We haven’t set a limit on how far we will travel. If you want to hire a class DISCO, we will quote you an all inclusive price. If you agree to it, we will travel as far as you want us to. We have played all over Scotland so far… Where would you like us to perform. If a road goes there so do we.