Karaoke 4

25,000+ Songs . Great Sound . Great Fun

We’ve been into karaoke since it was huge in the late 80′s and early 90′s. Well it’s still just as big in 2011.
We were the first mobile karaoke operator to convert to an entirely digital playback system around 2000 (it wasn’t so easy then) which proved to be a worthwhile task.

We’ve developed a 1 Box Karaoke solution that we call K4, specifically thought out to contain all of the crucial elements for a professional karaoke show. Unlike many other karaoke operators, we do not use off the shelf karaoke systems that you simply plug a couple of microphones in to. They are ok for home use but simply don’t offer the kind of control you need to make singers sound as good as they really can.

Our playback box is pre-wired and only requires a connection to the mains power supply and an output to a sound system which we can provide (unless you have a suitable system installed).