The Secret Wedding

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“Hi Ross,

Just a quick note just now to say thank you very much for your efforts last Saturday.  I think it’s safe to say it was an overwhelming success.  I really dont think it could have gone any better, and you obviously played a huge part, so thanks from us both. 

I also noticed your partner was taking quite a few photos.  If possible, would you mind sending me a copy of any decent ones.  We haven’t got too many pictures given the level of shock all ours guests were in so any you could send on would be appreciated.

Finally, would you mind sending me a note of your address please.  We’d like to send out some “formal” thanks.
Once again – thank you very much.

Ross & Claire

In January this year I was contacted by a groom and from the off sworn to secrecy.  I was not to repeat anything that we discussed during our telephone call to anyone, including the venue.  This certainly sparked my interest and began to wonder was this an enquiry for a celebrity or a cartel?  No, this was to be a surprise wedding and keeping the secret was critical to pulling it all off.
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During my initial consultation with Ross & Claire, I learned that they had been together as a couple for many years though for numerous reasons hadn’t tied the knot while most of their friends had.  This regularly became a topic of conversation at social gatherings.  This was the ideal opportunity to poke some fun back at them.

My first question was what about your family and very closest friends.  Nobody was to know!  And they already had the perfect story to get everybody in the right place at the right time, Ross’ ‘Surprise’ 40th Birthday.  Even the guests had to keep it all a secret.

Over the coming months and several telephone conversations the plot thickened, the plan developed and timings were adjusted so everything would fall neatly in to place.

All the guests had to believe that they were turning up to a regular 40th Birthday.  On arrival the background music was typical early party tunes, the table decorations were plain and simple.  At the back of the marquee a large banner read ‘Happy 40th Birthday Ross’ and two 40″ Plasma screens showing photos of Ross from a baby to present day.  The marquee filled with guests and just as planned we informed all the guests that Ross would be arriving with Claire in about 5 minutes and to be ready for the ‘surprise’.

Ross & Claire walked round the corner approaching the marquee and almost instantly the atmosphere changed as a gaspy breath travelled throughout the space.  In his kilt and Claire in her wedding dress, they walked through the door and greeted their guests ‘SURPRISE’.

I think at this point in time 50% of the guests had worked out what exactly was going on, or so they thought.

After allowing everyone to settle, Ross took the microphone:

“There are probably two questions you’re all dying to know the answer to…
1. No, we’re not married, yet.
2. You’re all invited.”
and then explained the rest of the plan.After the guests moved through to the main hotel for the wedding ceremony the turnaround began.
The table decorations were replaced with storm lanterns, the banner removed, uplighting and hidden star cloth switched onready for the champagne reception.

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I haven’t even scratched the surface with the level of detail and planning that went into this event, instead, enjoy the photos.  My favourite is this chap in the white shirt, ‘Proud Mary’ does it again. Or you could always watch the video.
Once again, thank you to both Ross & Claire.  I hope you enjoy many more happy years together.

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